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 We just uploaded 2 more Tunes to Jango Radio from the second CD Return of The burn ,Along with the first track  (Chaser ) is ( Flight or Fight ) and ( You Too ) all of which started out as downloadable short clips for Gamers on our Chronic Bytes page , Now full length versions on Return of the Burn .Give them a listen and drop us an Email and let us know what you think .



Chronic fatigue can now be heard on JANGO MUSIC NETWORK  check out jango a really cool place to hear the music you want to hear like chronic fatigue 

Jango Music Network
The Jango Music Network (JMN) is the world's largest ad network for the music vertical, reaching over 30 million monthly unique monthly visitors in the US alone - a reach beyond that of MySpace Music, Yahoo! Music and AOL Music. The Jango Music Network uses a unique methodology that maps brand preference to musical taste - and uses it to help advertisers target audiences that will be particularly receptive to their brand.

CHRONIC FATIGUE music is now being featured in the video game BLOOD FRONTIER .This game is a single-player and multi-player first-person shooter game .open source and free to download.check it out at

Chronic Fatigue is currently in the studio working on there second CD  Return of the burn as we are calling it right now .unlike there first CD this will be recorded completely in the studio and without all the bumps and bruises of a live recording .The only similarity will be an all instrumental CD . we will keep you posted of it's progress

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